When To Consider Using An Annular Cutter

Annular CutterAn Annular Cutter is used if you want to avoid dimpling and deburring when making holes in tubes and pipes. You will not have to fight any resistance because they are hollow.  They can multiply your cutting speeds up to three times than using traditional tools. If more than two plates are being drilled at the same time in a single pass, stack-cut annular cutters should be used. You can avoid problems and extend the life of the cutter when you know how to use the cutter.

When using a twist drill to make holes, there are concerns about hole roundness, location accuracy, and burrs. The point of the twist is the focal point of those concerns. This point is not really a point but a dead zone, which causes low surface speeds. These low speeds reduce cutting efficiency and requires more thrust and feed pressure. If the material is pipe or tubing, the pressure can cause dimpling around the hole. The increased feed pressure can create burrs or jagged remnants around the sides of the hole. This is where an Annular Cutter will come in handy. They can prevent the dimpling, burrs, and dead-zone resistance.

Cutting Edges On An Annular Cutter

An Annular Cutter has all of its cutting edges around the edge unlike other tools. This keeps the surface speeds consistent throughout the cut. The multiple cutting edges on the tool distribute the load evenly, which results in faster feed rates. It also minimizes the thrust and the horsepower needed. In many applications, which involve tubes and pipes, the holes can be easily drilled without prespotting the location of the hole. The cutters will cut the material without ripping through it. It leaves a clean and round hole. The hole will be free of dimpling and deburring.

If you use a slow and steady speed with an Annular Cutter, you will notice the performance is better is better and the life of the tool will be extended. Clear the cutter of chips to prevent breaks and to keep the motor from stopping during use. Keep the slug stick in the cutter lubricated to keep it from becoming dull.

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